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Duane Michals. Certain Words Must Be Said.

Duane Michals. Certain Words Must Be Said. 1976.

“Things had become impossible between them and nothing could be salvaged. Certain words must be said. And although each one had said those words silently to herself a hundred times, neither had the courage to say them outloud to one another. So they began to hope someone else might say the necessary words for them. Perhaps a letter might arrive or a telegram delivered that would say what they could not. Now they spent their days waiting. What else could they do?”

I’m moved by this one as an endeavor to look for the language in which homosociality can be spoken. The suspension of the image and the text accompanying Michals’ work as his common strategy open up queer dreamlands in which unspoken desires echo, ripple and reverberate.


About Lina Žigelytė

Queer activist, writer, educator, interdisciplinary artist. Based in Rochester, NY.

2 responses to “Duane Michals. Certain Words Must Be Said.

  1. Sean

    Hey Lina, thanks for the link to your site and thanks for getting in touch.

    Duane Michals is a favorite of mine: I did one of my degree research projects on his work. And Derek Jaman: ever since Jubilee. I went to see one some of his paintings in Manchester years ago, just after he died, some of which were completed my his assistant as he was unable to complete them himself. Very dramatic work indeed!

  2. zigulyte

    oh this is just the beginning of the blog 😉 i thought i might as well start this instead of getting a notebook at which i wouldn’t look.

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